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17.10.17 Chocolate Chip Mining

Chocolate chip mining


'First we took a scrummy chocolate chip cookie. We collected a knife, spoon, bowl and plate. We were trying to find out which chocolate chip cookie we would buy if we liked chocolate (and wanted the most chocolate chips!) We mined the chocolate chips out of the cookie using our spoons, knives and fingers. We took 10 cookies from our pack of Spar - Choc Chip Cookies and counted how many chocolate chips were in each one. We mined 236 chocolate chips from our 10 cookies.'

Bluebirds group

Jude, Amelie, Evan and Herbie


'We used a knife and spoon to mine out chocolate chips from cookies. We mined 10 cookies from the Tesco Chocolate Chip Cookies. We found lots of chocolate chips, in fact we found out there were 128 in total.'

Robins group

James, Ruby, Oran and Rosa


'Our group mined the Maryland - Choc Chip cookies.'We had to use a knife and spoon to mine the 10 cookies from the pack. In total we found 335 chocolate chips.'

Peacocks group

Caiden, Tyler, Oliver.B and Olivia