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Week 3

This week our focus book has been 'The Great Balloon hullabaloo' by Peter Bently. The children have completed some lovely patterned hot air balloons (see below), carefully following and forming different patterns using coloured pens. In literacy they have been writing about where they would like to fly to in their hot air balloon, who with and what they would do. In maths we have been using natural materials to learn about size, height, length and weight, then completing a size activity ordering the transport pictures from smallest to the biggest.

The Starfish and the Seahorses have painted some beautiful modes of transport which are now displayed in the classroom. They all payed close attention to the details of their chosen vehicle, studying the photographs, drawing the outlines and then carefully painting their drawings. The children we are able to talk about where their vehicle travels - by land, air, sea or road and what they might transport.