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Wk 1 Five Little Ducks parachute

Thanks to the amazing weather this week most of our learning took place outside.

Using the parachute as a pond the children worked together to make gentle waves to help the ducks swim. Adding the ducks to the parachute one at a time the children counted them. Singing the song 5 Little Ducks the children predicted how many ducks remained after 1 fell off. Ducks were also available in the water tray for the children to extend their learning. For story time we sat in the shade and listened to the story Farmer Duck. Most children are familiar with this book and joined in.

Children have practised their gross motor skills all week. The co-ordination of large muscle groups like arms, legs, or their entire body has enabled them to take part in washing the painting board with large sponges and brushes, riding the bikes and scooters around the playground, pushing prams and pushchairs up hills and stairs, and climbing, sliding on the climbing frame.

I imagine the children have slept well this week due to the fresh air and exercise we have had.