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Week 2

The children have been busy with lots of activities based upon our weekly book 'Emma Janes' Aeroplane' and our topic of 'Transport & Travel'.

In literacy the children have been creating story maps to help them recall the story, characters and events within the story. After we read the book, we looked at our globe and put each animal on the country where Emma Jane picked them up in her aeroplane.

The children have been practising their phase 4 tricky words, reading and writing phase 4 words (CCVC & CVCC) and daily revision of phases 2 & 3.

In maths we have been looking at repeat patterns using pictures of different types of transport, objects and 2D shapes. The children have really enjoyed playing some repeat pattern ICT games on the screen.

The children have also completed their amazing transport paintings, which are now displayed in our classroom!


Have you seen our Reception class photograph in this weeks Dorset Echo, if not, please see below.


Next weeks Home Learning Grids will be available on Tapestry from Monday morning. Also onTapestry, there will be a special reading of next week's book by Miss Montero, 'The Great Balloon Hullabaloo' by Peter Bently.


Please do contact me by email if you need any further support with your child's home learning or to change reading books. We kindly ask that you request books ONCE a week and we will provide you with enough books for your child to read over the week. 


Take care and stay safe

Mrs Rogers