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Week 2

Welcome to the new blog of Autumn 2022!!!


On  Wednesday ,  we had P.E with Mrs Macswiney where we played tennis and we had to play with a year 3 partner and the year 3s had to work with a year 4, it was super fun!!!


In our art we continued painting our pop art inspired by Romero Britto and we had to use bright and bold colours such as red , yellow , blue , green , pink and orange!!  It was really fun and interesting.


In our Reading Vipers we started a new book called “The Boy Who Grew Dragons” by Andy Shepherd and we were focusing on the dad's character . The main character is a boy called Tomas who has been clearing the garden with his kind Grandad. He found a special fruit and took it home.So far we know that the dad loves and works with music . His  career is all about songs and instruments  .


We did maths this week and with Mrs Darby and we got put into groups of 3 and measured everyone in our group. We had to fill out a sheet about it and we recorded it on a table. We can’t forget about maths with Mrs Austin, it was quite challenging but we are learning about place value. 


From today Silver Birch Class will be swimming at 1610 for the rest of this term . At the end of the term we are getting all the floats and noodles out . 



Have a great weekend !!!