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Week 9

Welcome back Sharks, it's been great to have everyone back in the classroom!


With Mrs Austin in maths we are learning the 11 times tables. Also with Miss Darby we’re learning the angles in 2D shapes as well as Parallel lines and perpendicular lines. The Squares group made a book of 2D to follow!!


In literacy with Mrs Austin we’re learning about powerful verbs. In Reading Vipers with Miss Darby (basically Literacy), we have been continuing to study Anthony Brown’s book, Hansel and Gretel. 


In this week’s science, we learned about the life cycle of a plant. Our scientific enquiry question was, “Do seeds need soil to germinate?” In groups, we have planted vegetable seeds in pots. One pot contained soil, one sand, one cloth and one tissue. We have made predictions about which ones will germinate. We have given them a little water and put them in the sunlight. We will keep an eye on our experiment over the coming weeks.


By Cameron, Jacob and Miss Darby