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15.3.19 Literacy - Mrs Tripplehorn's Magic Paperclip

In literacy this half term Mrs Ayliffe has been reading us a book called 'Mrs Tripplehorn's Magic Paper Clip' By Matt Wash.


The story is about Mrs Tripplehorn a primary school teacher who is retiring from school. Mrs Tripplehorn has a special old box with a secret, she gives this to her favourite teacher Mr Shaw as a goodbye gift. Mr Shaw quickly learns about the powers of the magic paper clip. However ... Billy Coles (the school bad boy) overheard Mrs Tripplhorn telling Mr Shaw NEVER to go into the compartment at the bottom of the box. Of course Billy Coles decides he must find out what it means and that's when the trouble begins!


In literacy this week we focused on speech and when and how to use it in our writing. One of our tasks was to work in pairs to act out a scene from the book and think about what the characters would have said. We then used these ideas to come up with a short piece of writing which had speech within it. The success criteria for writing speech includes:


  • Putting speech marks around the spoken words " "
  • Thinking about punctuation that goes at the end of our speech ,.?! (Inside the speech marks)
  • Capital letter at the start of our speech
  • For a new speaker, we must start speech on a new line