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Week 12

The Easter holidays are upon us and the Spring Term is complete. 


It is fitting for the time of year to reflect upon some of our work in RE as we approach Easter. This half term, we have focused on Easter and explored why the Easter story is so important to Christians. 


In our first week of term we walked around the school grounds and observed some changes which take place during Spring. We talked about Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday, and the significance of these in the Christian calendar. The children were aware of the build up to Holy Week and the period of Lent.


The children learned about Holy Week and Easter Story. We sorted through some sequencing cards and Beech Class were able to order these and explain the events of Easter. 


We have learned about different things Christians do to remember celebrate Easter, and some of the symbolic things we see such as palm crosses and hot cross buns. We also had a conversation about heaven and the children discussed what they think heaven may be like, and why.


The class retold the Easter Story using drawings to create Easter Story posters. This was followed by our work for Collective Worship this week where the whole school explored different crosses from around the world and what they represent. Some of these are shown in our blog photos this week.


There are also a few more photos from our World Maths day event. We have a few pictures of our HSBC guests talking to Beech Class, and we also have a photo of our prize winners who estimated how many glass beads were in a jar. The people in each year group who made the closest estimate were presented with a maths activity book.


Have a wonderful holiday. We look forward to welcoming you all back after the break.