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In maths this week, the children have been learning about and using the language of time, measurement, capacity, size, position, distance and recapping upon money. There were lots of learning opportunities for these aspects of maths during their outdoor learning on Thursday afternoon. The focus was on capacity, where the children were able to fill containers with water and soil and discuss which containers contained more, less or the same.


Our story of the week was 'Tiddler' and in their literacy activities, the children were asked to write about a sea creature and to think of and use lots of lovely descriptive language in their writing. They also wrote about an underwater adventure that they would like to have, if they were Tiddler the little grey fish.


The children have made some beautiful woven paper fish, which are now hanging in our class room. The children had to weave different coloured strips of paper through their fish, stick them down and then cut the strips on an angle, to make them look like fins. They then finished them off with sequin eyes.


In RE the children learnt the story of 'The Gold Giving Serpent' and then talked about how they would feel if a snake left them a coin? What did the son in the story do wrong and what should he have done? What is the moral of the story? To remind the children of what they learnt, they made paper chain serpents.