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Year 1

As from next week the children's remote learning will be ready to access on a Monday morning for the week. 

Unfortunately due to the short notice we have not had a chance to create a full planning grid of lessons for you this week but below are some activities and ideas for your child to carry out to keep their learning going.


Reading Eggs - don't forget to access the spelling  lessons as well as the reading lessons.


You should all have your logins but if you need them resent, please email me and I will get them to you. 


Phonics - The children all bought home spellings at the end of last term to practise. This week year 1s have been learning about plurals and the suffix s and es.  e.g. dog, dogs, snail, snails, fox, foxes, kiss, kisses. Words ending in x, ss, sh or ch willl have es added to them. Talk to your child about singular and plural words, what they mean and have a go at writing words.

Their new spellings for the end of this week are foxes, dishes, misses, said, put, they.

Have a go at writing these into sentences.


Literacy - On Monday I introduced our new topic Polar Regions. The children were going to do some research online to find out about the Arctic and Antarctica and some of the animals that live there. Go on to and get your children to write down three facts about, polar bears and penguins. 


Maths- This week we would have been adding by counting on. Make a 1-30 number line with your child and complete some addition with them. e.g. 12 + 7 =, 6 + 9 =, 11+7 =, 6 + 16 = 14 + 8 = etc. Explain that addition can be done in either order ie 6+9=15, 9+6=15 and get them to check this is right on the numberline. Also talk about whether it is easiest to find the small number on the number line and add on the bigger number, or find the bigger number first and add on the smaller number. 


PE - In school the children would have been learning rugby skills so, if you need to warm up, have a go at some throwing and catching and running! If not go on some lovely winter walks and enjoy our local landscape.