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Week 15

On Friday we carried out an experiment to see which material would make the best waterproof coat for our elephant.


On Monday we had a special treat during outdoor learning when instead of trying to discover whether mud would dissolve in water we experimented with chocolate instead! First though we did some bug hunting and shelter building. 


On Tuesday we baked bread and wrote recipes.


On Wednesday we made Christmas hats and had our special Christmas lunch in the hall.


On Thursday we carried out an experiment with tinfoil to see how many elephants could safely be transported across a river while keeping their feet dry. The answer is 16 as long as you are careful! We did have lots of wet elephants who needed to be dried. 


On Friday we played bingo and watched a film!


Happy Christmas everyone. Enjoy the festivities!

Experimenting with materials
Bug hunting and shelter building
Ready for hot chocolate
Bread making
Calender painting
Hats ready for Christmas lunch