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8th - 12th July 2019 Pottery, Sports Day, Baklava and Sharks Exposure!


Greek Pottery

This week we completed our greek pottery pieces. We painted the whole piece a terracotta colour and then carefully using black painted our designs on. They look amazing!



Sports Day 2019


Miss Moore delivered another fantastic sports day this year with an opening ceremony consisting of a dance and our own Winterbourne Haka! The usual sporting activities were held, cross country, howler throwing, hurdles and sprints. The children all showed great sportsmanship and were rewarded with a well deserved ice lolly. Thank you to everyone who came and supported.

On Thursday we had our exposure where we performed our poems 'Heard it in the Playground' and 'The Sound Collector'. It was also a chance for parents and friends to have a look at our Greek work we had been working on over the past half term. During the morning of Thursday we prepared and made Baklava bites to share with everyone. These are a rich, sweet pastry dessert, made with layers of filo pastry filled, with chopped nuts and sweetened with a honey syrup.