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Week 5

This week we have been consolidating our learning about the Polar Regions to create an exposure to present to parents next Wednesday afternoon. The children have used the knowledge they have learnt to write a script that will be used. They have worked collaboratively and i am really impressed by how much they have remembered. 


In science we learnt about food chains and looked at the food chain for a polar bear. Then we went into our wildlife garden and each chose something we found there, a slug, snail, bird and created our own food chains, up and down for those animals. The children enjoyed this activity taking away from it the importance of the chain not being broken as this then causes an imbalance.


Whilst we were in the wildlife garden we also noticed lots of signs of spring with daffodils and snowdrops appearing along with leaf buds and crocuses. 


In maths Year 2s have continued working on 3D shapes, 2D shapes and symmetry whilst Year 1s have been doing addition and subtraction using numicon and numberlines. We have talked lots about the = sign and how equals means the same as.