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Wk 3 Conker rolling

Continuing our conker theme, the children enjoyed conker rolling. Using a conker instead of a marble they chose a colour to dip it in and then placed it in a tin. Shaking the tin from side to side the children were careful not to drop the conker. Developing their gross motor skills produced some fine pieces of artwork. 

Although we said goodbye to the new Reception children our numbers remain high, so I am delighted to welcome Mrs Montero to the Pre-school. She will be helping on Monday, Thursday and Friday mornings, and as you can see in the photos the children have approved and she has been in demand for lots of stories. With Mrs Montero's help during wet play we managed to play some games with the parachute, which the children loved and also helped to develop their gross motor skills. 

During circle time we used claves to tap out rhythms and sing songs, and our Natural Learning afternoon on Thursday some children played hide and seek!