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The children all settled well into the Dolphin class on our school transfer morning, eagerly participating in activities and working alongside their new class mates. They all came back sparkling with glitter, having been decorating their dolphin name cards ready for September!

Our focus story this week has been 'The Bad Tempered Ladybird' by Eric Carle. The children were asked to pretend that they were the ladybird and think about why they were being so bad tempered and what is the story telling us? How are you behaving and why? How do the other animals feel about you? The children recorded their thoughts in their writing.

The children continue to write about what they did at the weekend in their independent writing books. This gives the children an opportunity to talk about something that they might have done or seen, record in this in their own words and then draw a picture to illustrate their writing.

In maths we have revisited 2D and 3D shapes, remembering the names of the shapes and talking about their characteristics, through shape games and activities. The children have made some fantastic minibeast pictures using 2D shapes and also turned themselves into beautiful butterflies in the playground, decorating their wings with 2D shapes.