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Week 7

This week in maths we have been doing some more work on money and learning to add coins together as well as practising some of our number bonds. In literacy we went on a mini beast hunt and then wrote about the mini beasts we found, what they looked like and where they lived. 


We've had lots of extra things going on this week too. On Tuesday Mr Daley came in to run our bikeathon. Seahorses were fantastic on their bikes and scooters and in all rode 6 miles. Wow! Then on Thursday we planted some trees during our natural learning afternoon which had been kindly donated by a lady who had read about our school being an eco school.


Today we had our Den Day and great fun has been had by all the children creating and building shelters. A particularly pertinent time to think about these things in light of what has happened in London. the children worked in mixed age groups, and created some amazingly imaginative shelters. We are not sure how much money we have raised yet but will let you know in the next whole school news letter. A big thank you to everyone who provided us with string, pegs, sheets, blankets etc. to help us.  We hope you enjoyed visiting your child's shelter at the end of the day.


On Tuesday next week we have our school trip to Lorton Meadows. Please could the children come in their school tops, trousers and sturdy shoes. If it does look like rain, please bring a waterproof and wellies. On the other hand if it's due to be bright and sunny, hats and suncream please!