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Week 6

Our focus this week is on Literacy. Beech Class have been worked on creating a story map. We began by reading The Paperbag Princess by Robert Munsch. We then saw a video of him reading the story and discussed how he added drama through his body language and tone.


The children discussed key points in the story and we made a list. From there, Year 1 and Year 2 worked together to create a story map of the key points, starting with the princess in the castle and ending with her being happy and free. The children wrote captions for the pictures in their story map and learned about the differences between this story and others we have read.


We also read about George and the Dragon and wrote story openings for this too.


We only have two pictures for our blog this week. Firstly, there is a class photo. We also have a picture of a wall display made today showing some of the artwork the children created based on the artist Paul Klee. The children used pastels to colour their work after using shapes and pencils to create the lines.


I hope you all have a pleasant half term. Thank you all for your hard work.