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Week 5

 Welcome to the blog!



We had samba on Tuesday and we composed our own music about rainforests. First, we thought of key words to use for our phrases. Then, we thought about what instrument would sound the best with the phrases. The song sounds really good! You can also try making your own.


 In P.E this week we’ve been doing athletics, practicing for  sports day! We did hurdles first and Mrs Macswiney timed us to see how long it took us. We also did Cross country  races with hurdles and we had to jump over them at the top of the hill. 



On Thursday in maths with Miss Darby we’ve been doing time. Some of us did cards where we had to match the analogue time with the digital. The rest of us did sheets. On Friday we did a TTROCKSTARS sheet that had mixed times tables, which is tricky. The year 4 children need to do lots of times table practise before their check in June.                  



We had caterpillars and they turned into cocoons. On Thursday we finally let the cute little butterflies out in the real world! 


On Thursday afternoon, while half of the class were up in woodlanders, the other half made a ginormous art piece about the rainforest. We made animals and massive trees. It was brilliant. We all loved it. You can look at the photos below.


                                   By Lillie and  Ella s  🙂

                                                Have a brilliant weekend!