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Week 2

This week our topic book has been 'Emma Jane's Aeroplane'. We started the week by working together to create a big plane painting to go onto our window. We also added all the different animals from Emma Jane's Aeroplane to the plane, using crayons and paints to create different textures for the animals. The Blossom children have also enjoyed creating their very own planes using playdough and loose parts, manipulating it by squashing and pinching it. This week we have introduced Yoga to the Blossom children, which we are doing after lunch to help us wind down for our afternoon activities. Alongside Yoga, the children have enjoyed taking part in PE with Mrs McSweeney. During PE the children preformed and learnt how to do different stretches and rolls. To continue with our plane themed activities the children decorated and designed their very own paper planes. Once the children had finished their planes we took them outside where they flew them around, doing their very own loops and turns. 

As well as our plane themed activities we have had a range of tuff trays set up which the children have enjoyed exploring and creating their own stories in. We've have small world animal trays, water trays and sand trays. 


This week we have also began looking into the sound 'S'. The children have enjoyed identifying the different objects in the box with the sound 'S'.