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Week 9

This week we had a visit from Jane & Harold the Giraffe for a special Personal, Social & Emotional Development (PSED) session called ‘All About Me’. The children were very excited to meet Harold the giraffe and learn about their bodies. They learnt about what they use their senses for, the different parts of their bodies and what we need to do to keep our bodies healthy - drink water, eat healthy food, oxygen to breathe, have lots of sleep & regular exercise. The children were able to remember the names of their - ribs, lungs, heart, stomach & intestines. Then we thought about what things we also need to do to look after ourselves, such as wash with warm water & soap, brush our teeth for two minutes & brush our hair. Harold the giraffe was feeling a little bit sad & the children gave some lovely ideas of what he could do with his family to cheer him up such as - play in the park, cuddle a teddy, play on the computer, draw pictures or talk to our friends & family.