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Week 4

On Monday the children carried on their science investigations into different materials this time finding things that were magnetic. They then carried out an experiment with a glass of water full of paper clips. They had to work out how to remove the paperclips without getting their fingers wet or putting anything in the water....... Lots of fun was had with all the children succeeding. 


Tuesday afternoon was spent finishing their pirate ship collages and making treasure maps on paper they had stained with tea. The collages look fantastic and have made a super display in the school hall and the maps were certainly intriguing with lots of sharks, rivers, trees and paths drawn on along, of course, with an X marking the spot. 


In literacy we have focused on the festival of harvest, writing acrostic harvest poems and learning an autumn poem by heart. I am hoping to record this and post it next week for you to see. 


Now the weather has turned cooler with some rain, please could you ensure your child has a named coat in school every day. The hallway with the children's pegs in is not very big and with coats and PE kits, their pegs are full. It is also a fire exit and needs to be kept clear at all times. If possible please can your child bring in a bookbag or similar sized bag to put in their drawer in the classroom as they only carry their reading book, spelling books and the occasional letter home.  We are finding the large backpacks some children are bringing in do not fit on the pegs and the hallway is becoming cluttered. Hopefully this will keep the hallway clear and safe. Thank you.