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Week 5-Physical Development

Our story of the week was One Day On Our Blue Planet.....In the Ocean.  We have focused our activities on physical development exploring different ways in which we can use our hands.  We used smaller movements to thread string onto paper plates to create jellyfish and they rescued sea creatures which were wrapped in pipe cleaners.  In Maths we made turtles using 2D shapes on paper plates recognising squares, circles, triangles, rectangles and hexagons.  Also we picked up numbered fish with a magnet on a fishing line recognising numbers from 0 to 10.  We used pegs to place numbered sea creatures in order from 0-5 and 0-10. 

The children enjoyed using the tablet to play 'Cake Bake' Phonicsplay phase 1, they needed to match the images which sounded the same and they used their finger to drag the matching images together.  We created a sensory tray using water beads to create the sea, the children added sea creatures and shells to hide in the tray and explored the different textures.  We discussed different rhyming words and looked at books which used rhyming words.