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Week 10

The children have written some fantastic stories this week using instructional sentences. These were based on Neil Gaimans story called Instructions. They have created colourful maps of their fantasty worlds and taken the reader on an adventure through their lands. In some you have to ride the unicorn, tiptoe past a dragon or search for the fairies. In others there are volcanos to climb, cliffs to stay safe on and rivers to swim through.  They really enjoyed writing these stories.


In DT the children finished sewing their brightly coloured fish and hopefully they have all arrived home safely to be admired. All the of the children had a go at sewing the felt together and stuffing the fish as well as choosing their colours.


In science we took our floating and sinking experiment a step further and created rafts from materials that floated last week. The idea was to keep a toys feet dry and some were definitely more successful than others. They also made boats from tin foil and then some turned these in to submarines - seeing how they could sink them.