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Week 9

This week our book has been The Great Kapok Tree. It is a beautiful story with wonderful illustrations about a man who is sent into the Amazon Rainforest to cut down a great kapok tree. It is hard work and when he stops to rest, he falls asleep and all sorts of animals visit him to explain why he must not cut it down. When he wakes he realises he must not cut it down and leaves the forest. The children have done lots of writing, describing the forest, writing about their own animal and what it would say and finally writing a letter home as if they were the man,  to explain what had happen when they were in the rainforest. The quality of the children's writing has been fabulous and they have all worked extremely hard. Well done!


In maths both year groups have been learning about fractions and we have included doubling and odd and even numbers.


In science we have set up an experiment to see what seeds need to germinate so we are keeping an eye on our pots of sunflower seeds. 


During RE the children have been working with Mrs Horne to learn the Easter story and yesterday made stain glass windows. 


We have also made some red eyed green tree frogs.


Thank you to everyone who bought in a donation for comic relief. All the money raised will go directly to them. 


Have a happy weekend.