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Week 6

Welcome back after our half term break. I hope you all had a relaxing time.


This week in literacy the children have been working hard to create our own information book about castles. They have been answering questions that they posed at the beginning of our topic, been creating definitions of castle based vocabulary and have started to research some of the local castles in Dorset. They have worked with their chatty chums using non-fiction books and the internet. This type of collaborative work is important and the children have really risen to the challenge. This work will continue into next week.


In maths Year 2s have worked with graphs and statistics, creating their own tally chart and bar graphs about the classes favourite rainforest animals. The Year 1s have focused on weight and they have all enjoyed the small group work using practical apparatus.


In science we have been naming common plants and next week will look at the structure. Why not challenge your child over the weekend and see how many plants you can name when out on a walk or in your garden.


For music this half of term we are very lucky to have Jane Joy coming in each Monday to lead the children in singing and musical games. They all enjoyed their first session and we're looking forward to our next one. 


Next week the Year 1s will be taking their phonic screening tests. These are done individually and is kept very low key. All the children have had lots of practise using the format and this week have been playing phonic games involving all the sounds they have learnt this year. If you have any questions though do come and see me.

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