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A very busy week! 16.06.17

It's been a very busy week across the school!  Some of the children have written about the Bike-a-thon and our Den Day, we have also completed a Science experiment, but you will have to wait till next week to read about that!




The Bike-a-thon was awesome, we all brought our scooters or our bikes to School.  We were in our Year groups and we all completed our tasks.  We had great fun doing it!


Written by Lucia and Caiden.


Den Day


On the 16th June we held a Den Day where we all built Dens to raise money for Save the Children.  Save the Children is a charity that helps people in countries who have lost their homes in natural disasters.  Lots of schools take part to raise money for those who have lost their homes.


Written by Lilia and Matilda.