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Week 9

Mary from the library came in to visit the children today, she was dressed as the Gruffalo! She spoke to the children about World Book Day and the library and then showed them photographs of the library and what a library card looks like. Many of the children recognised the library and enjoyed talking about times that they have visited with their grown ups.
Mary read the children a story called Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry and explained that she would read it slowly as it is a tongue twister. The children enjoyed saying the tongue twister, looking at the pictures and listening to the story. We scanned the QR code at the back of the book to listened to the song that accompanies the story.
We then listened to the story We’re Going to Find a Monster and the children were each given a picture of different characters from the story. Mary asked the children to hold up their pictures when they could see them throughout the story. The children all joined in with super listening and spotting!
At the end of the session, the children enjoyed joining in with Mary to sing The Wheels on the Bus and then listening to a story by Julia Donaldson called What the Jackdaw Saw.