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Week 6

The highlight of our week was definitely Pirate Day on Wednesday. The children looked amazing - wild, ruthless, cunning and certainly hungry for treasure. We started the day learning a bit about some real pirates, Blackbeard, Anne Bonney and William Kidd. Then the children worked in groups. The children had to read clues and work out where the next one might be. The clues were hidden all around the school and grounds and they did very well thinking them through to get to the next one. The treasure was buried in the sandpit and included crystals, pearls and a pirate book! They also made hard tack biscuits which included the worms and maggots. They had great fun making these despite the recipe stating that they were almost inedible. I do hope you enjoyed them without breaking any teeth. They have also created some fantastic self portraits of themselves as pirates. 


During literacy we have been writing a pirate story based on one we have read and the children are having to sequence their story day by day, thinking about what happens on each one.


In maths we are working on addition and subtraction, working out number bonds and with year 2s looking at fact families for groups of numbers. 


We are still learning about materials in science and this week experimented with different materials to see if they were waterproof, or would float or sink.  The children had to decide which material would be most suitable to build a boat with and next week we will be making a simple boat during our lesson hopefully using the material they have chosen.