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Week Beginning 18th January

Dear Children,


This week’s learning is all posted below, as usual. Some of the tasks are also posted in your Google Classroom, so please spend a bit of time making yourself familiar with your Google Classroom, once you are set up on it. 


Remember to complete the Literacy and Maths tasks in the right order. Don’t forget to complete an hour of extra online maths and literary activities each day. Reading Eggspress, Mathletics and TTRockstars can all be accessed from home. You should also be reading a book of your choice at home each day, both to a grown up and in our own time. For the other subjects on the grid, we’d like you to choose one or two tasks to do each day. 


Don’t forget to send some of your work to us via email with photos.


We hope that you are able to join our Zoom meeting on Monday! 


Take care and be happy,


Mrs Austin and Miss Darby. 


A note for parents:


Dear Parents and Carers, 


Please take the time to follow the instructions which were sent to you via email on Friday in order to access your Google Classroom, if you have not already done so. From next week, we will be moving to posting work on Google Classroom and will no longer be posting home learning on the school website.


Although the government expectation is to provide a greater quantity of work during the current school closure, we have had some really positive feedback from parents, which is great. We know that some of your children will may find certain assignments more tricky, especially if you are working from home and have less time to support their learning, but again we ask you just to do your best and to prioritise Maths and Literacy.


Remember that, if you do not have all all the resources you need at home, such as lined or squared paper or pencils, you are very welcome to email or call the office and arrange a time to come and collect what you need from school. 


If you have any questions please email us or phone the office and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Take care and stay safe,


Mrs Austin and Miss Darby



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