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Week 12

It is a wet and windy end to what has been another busy week. Only one more left to go! 


In Mathematics, Year 1 have been doing more work on place value and will work further on money next week. Year 2 have been working on using efficient methods for problem solving. We will do more on this along with some consolidation work next week.


In Literacy, the children have learned about Tudor clothing and created Wanted posters. Next week our work will link to our trip.


Our learning in Science has been about microhabitats. We researched microhabitats and then completed a sheet about microhabitats in the school grounds.


We ended the week with some music, involving simple rhythm work and singing to complement the music we have done in our topic work on Thursday. A pupil also demonstrated their skills playing the xylophone and the class tapped and sang along to the music. 


Have a lovely weekend!