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Week 7

The children have come back to school this week buzzing and refreshed since their half term. It sounds like they all had a super week. This week we have been super busy (or grossed out!) by our new topic of micro habitats. We have been discussing micro habitats and have even made one 'a wormery for worms' - see photos. We will be monitoring the movement of the worms through the soil over the next week. 


In Maths, Year 1 have been working on numbers between 20 and 50 and partitioning them into tens and units - some of the children even challenged themselves and worked with hundred numbers! Year 2 have focussed on the 5 and 10 times tables and worded problems around them. We have talked about multiplication and division around these facts (as you can see in the photo).


On Monday, we had a special visitor to our class (we think he escaped from Sea Life centre) - a penguin! He had a label on him saying he was sad, lonely and isolated. This reminded Mrs Beale of a book called 'Lost and Found' - we have been reading the book and writing our own labels (using noun phrases and adjectives) for some other pets that visited us on Wednesday (see photo).  The penguin has started his journey of sleepovers and will be visiting all households over the coming weeks. 


In DT, we have started a topic on making smoothies and we have been discovering which foods are fruits and which are vegetables. We were surprised to learn that peppers were a fruit! Watch this space for photos of our upcoming 'Mocktail Smoothie' party. :)