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Week 12

Welcome back Sharks to an exciting new week on the blog. I have just got back from Hooke Court and I'm going to tell you all about it.


When we got there at around lunchtime we were amazed by the building we would be staying in, it was huge! When we got in, we went into our own main room and played games. In our first activity we learned how to make a tripod and what purposes there are for them. Next we learned how to make a slack rope and went across it. Our final activity in that session was to bring some medical supplies across the moat for the villagers to have. We used all of the things that we learnt in the previous sessions and put them into practice in this activity. The next day we had a session called Tribal Kingdom. Our first session was to build a den, make a chant, make a campfire and most importantly, a toilet! We voted in a tribal leader for each school for the next activities which were a scavenger hunt, face painting and necklace making. On our final day we had, in my opinion, the best session which was rocket building. We learned about forces and make the rockets. In the next and final activity we launched all the rockets. They went very high and made a cool noise! 


By Jacob


The year 3 children got up to lots of fun whilst the year 4s were at Hooke Court. Plenty of Forest Schools, game playing, singing and see the following photos of them making a digestive system from junk modelling!!