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Week 13

  Welcome to the blog!

On Tuesday we went on a trip to Poundbury. We used compasses to find different buldings and sometimes we drew pictures of the buildings. We played in the park for a bit then we had lunch, the church kindly let us have lunch there. Everybody behaved really well. We all had great fun.


In reading vipers we have been looking at ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore. We learnt some of the vocabulary and what it meant, then we performed it with our colour partners. Soon it will be on the school website under video resources, so you can find it there soon. 


We had our school Christmas carol service on Thursday night at the Church in Martinstown. It was really well attended. Everybody was really good. 


The swimming this week was really good. We had an assessment and then playtime with floats. It was so much fun!


By Ella.s and Martha have a good weekend :)