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Week 9

Welcome back sharks to another week of the blog. I hope you enjoy it. On our Eco Day on Wednesday, each child did three workshops throughout the day, the workshops included tennis and fitness, shelter building, bug hotel, cooking, clay, eco art, eco cubes and sewing. The Sharks children really enjoyed it and were praised by all of the teachers for how well they were getting along with the little children and made sure they were involved which was nice. Because of Covid-19 we haven’t really been able to mix like this with different aged children for ages!


In our science work with Miss Darby we have started an experiment about how acids are bad for our teeth. We got three eggs and we filled them so the egg got submerged in the liquid. The liquids were water, vinegar and coke, we will find out what happens next week.


In literacy with Mrs Austin we have edited our writing from our own greek myth.


I’m afraid I’m going to finish the blog for this week, see you soon bye! By Jacob