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14.2.19 DASP Collaborative Writing Competition


This week in literacy we have been working on a collaborative project for a DASP writing competition. In groups of 4, we have spent the week planning and writing up a story about an adventure.


Our story brief was to write a story collaboratively about a group of four people who embark on a trip of lifetime. They have heard rumours of an unseen land and together we must decide how they will make their journey? What will they discover? and What will they do with their discovery? .. let the world know ? or keep it to themselves?


All the groups have worked very co-operatively and conscientiously together, displaying many of our caterpillar values in the process.


After half term we will continue with the stories and write them up neatly and submit them to DASP for judging.


We hope you all a restful and fun half term and see you all back at school on Monday 25th February.