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18.10.18 Shire Hall Trip

Shire Court

Wind in the Willows - The Trial of Toad 


Thursday 18th October was the day of our trip to Shire Hall in Dorchester. Sharks class were very excited as we would be performing our 'Trial of Toad' in the court room itself.


We were given a tour of the dark, damp cells and also learnt about a young boy called Harry Parker, who age 7 was the youngest prisoner to be tried, his crime was arson.


The main event was of course being able to act out the scene from the Wind in the Willows, 'The Trial of Toad'. After a quick practice we were able to film the finished scene!

(Unfortunately the file is to big to upload to the blog, however we will look at putting it on to disc, so the children can share it with you at home after half term.)


Both performances were absolutely fantastic, the children learnt their lines, spoke clearly, acted wonderfully and they looked amazing in all their costumes! We look forward to sharing the film with you soon.


In the meantime have a look at the photos ....


Cast 1

Judge - Herbie Andrews

Usher - Juno Wilson

Toad - Aimee Montero

Police Officer 1 - Oliver Brown

Police Officer 2 - Zak Dawson

The Witnesses

Mole - Isabella-Rose Birchall

Badger - Oakley Gough

Rat - Grace Trevett

The Jury

Rabbit - Sophia Fielding

Squirrel - Marley Wojaczek

Duck - Robin Jefferies


Cast 2

Judge - Amelie Smith

Usher - Ivy Usher

Toad - Charlie Ward

Police Officer - Erin Hobbs

The Witnesses

Mole - Isabella-Rose Birchall

Badger - Kian Harrison

Rat - Benjamin Flux

The Jury

Rabbit - Finley Simmonds

Squirrel - Dominik Przybylski

Duck - Elsa Trevett