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21.6.18 An Eco Visitor

On Thursday 21st June we had a special eco visitor to the school, a lady called Alison Jay and her special cuddly hedgehog (who was holding an Eco-Friendly flag!)


Alison showed us all of the eco things they do around the world. One of the tasks she gave us was to look at a picture in pairs and we needed to work out which country it was showing and what they were doing. Our picture was of Japan and it showed them river cleaning.


We also have a mission for the summer holidays helping to clean the beach or go on a nurdle hunt!

(Nurdles are small plastic pellets about the sze of a lentil, which get washed up on our shores!)


We were able to show Alison our wildlife garden and vegetable patches - which she really loved!


Blog by Amelie Smith and Charlie Ward (Year 3)