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Week 5

We have been very lucky this week with visitors coming into school.

Simon brought in his Space Odyssey and we’re able to go into the Space Dome to learn about all of the different planets in the Solar System and the stars. 
Spaceman George took us up in his rocket to explore the planets and find out if there was any water, air or people living on them. We discovered that our planet Earth is the only one with all of these things. 
We then laid down to look at all of the bright stars shining in the night sky and we’re shown all of the constellations that they form. 
Afterwards we listened to the Solar System song and looked at a non-fiction book about Space, to discover more interesting facts about all that we had learnt in the dome.
We also had a visit from our Community Police Officer Sarah Pilcher, who came in to talk to the children about her role, to show us her uniform, her police car & some hats, helmets & vests to try on, they were very big & heavy!
Sarah explained her uniform & that every Police Offer has the same equipment, but might have a different uniform depending on their job role. She showed us her collar number, radio (we listened to the call handler on the radio), body camera, torch,  gloves, diary, mobile phone, pocket notebook & pen.
Sarah talked to us about all of the different resources the Police have to support them in their role such as dogs, boat, helicopter, motorbike & car and what they might be used for. Sarah explained that they also work together with the other Emergency Services.
She also talked to the children about road safety, about wearing seat belts when travelling in the car, using road crossings to safely cross roads & that their parents shouldn’t be on their phones when driving.
We were very lucky to be able to out to see her Police car & the children were allowed to sit inside it, listen to the sirens, watch the blue lights & look at all of the equipment that they keep in the boot of the car such as a broom, signs, tape, torch, first aid kit, life buoy & many more items. 
Sarah said that if you see her out & about in the community, please do wave to her and say "hello".