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Week 4

The children have been enjoying listening to the story 'Superworm' this week. On our tuff tray the children were keen to explore the colourful spaghetti worms. They liked to use tweezers to pick up the worms and fill up and empty containers.

We went on a worm hunt and found some worms which we have been caring for in Preschool this week. It has been lovely to see how gentle the children have been with them! The children have been learning about what worms can and cannot eat and have been feeding them some little pieces of apple.

Our role play area this week has been transformed into a Vetinary Surgery. We have witnessed many poorly pets pass through the door this week with the 'vets' working hard to treat them all! A highlight for Starfish Class this week was a special visit from a real vet. The children listened well and enjoyed learning about the role of a vet. They were keen to learn about the different instruments used to treat poorly animals and transferred their knowledge back into the Preschool Vetinary Surgery:-)