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Week 7 - Washingpool Farm & Poppy Project

We were very lucky & had such a lovely sunny day for our farm trip. The children enjoyed our journey on the bus & when we arrived at the farm, a lady called Katie was there to greet us & then show us around the farm.
We started with feeding some of the farm animals, the pigs & then the chickens. We then moved around the farm to see the machinery & vehicles, then watched the farmers digging up the potatoes using two tractors & a trailer to carry them back to the barn to be stored, bagged & then sold in the shop.
We explored the pumpkin patch, feeling the weight of the different sized pumpkins, looking at the beautiful vibrant colours & feeling the texture. We were very pleased to be able to bring some of them back to school with us & hopefully we can make some soup & save the seeds to grow our own pumpkins for next year!
We had a look in the polytunnels at the different vegetables they are growing & felt the difference between the heat inside & outside of them. We saw chili peppers, beetroot, radish, beans, lots of different herbs & storage of the pumpkins & squash that were grown to sell in the farm shop.
At the end of the day we enjoyed playing in the play area on the train, in the house, the swings & the climbing frame.

We have also been able to take part in the The Keep Military Museum Poppy Project this week. Every child in the school from Preschool to Year 4 has had the opportunity to create their own poppy. They were asked to draw around a poppy template, cut out their poppy, draw a circle in the center & write their initials on the back. The poppies will all be displayed at The Keep over the Remembrance period, so please do go along to have a look!