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Corfe Castle Trip

We had a fabulous trip to Corfe Castle yesterday and as always I am really proud of the behaviour and attitude of all the children. They are such a credit to you parents and to the school, showing interest, enthusiasm and sense of fun throughout the day despite the drizzle. 


We started the day by looking at the model of Corfe Castle in the visitors centre to get an idea of the layout and what the building looked like when intact. Then we walked up the hill, stopping to look at the views of the castle as we went along. Once through the main gatehouse we stopped in the outer bailey for a snack before heading off to explore the castle in small groups.  The children had written questions they wanted to find answers to so the aim of our morning was to find answers to those questions. For example:-  “Why was the castle built on that hill?” “How did they get the stones up there?” “Who lived in the castle?” “How as it ruined?”  We all met back at the gatehouse for lunch and the children were able to run around the slopes – possibly imagining they were attacking an enemy!  There were also lots of blocks for them to have a go at building walls, arches and windows. After lunch we went back into the castle to do some sketching before meeting the bus to return to school.


I’m hoping the children weren’t too damp and wet when they returned home at the end of day but were all suitably tired after their exertions! I’d like to say a huge thank you to Dr Wood, Mrs Howlett and Juliet for joining us on the trip and to Miss Forbes and Mrs Sanders for all of their help. Without volunteer helpers and the good will of our staff we couldn’t run a trip like this.