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Meet the Staff

Come and meet the staff at our school





Mrs Rachel Horne                                 


Headteacher and Safeguarding Lead 




Mrs Philippa Austin

Sharks Class Teacher

(Years 3 & 4)

Monday to Wednesday

and SEND Lead




 Miss Lucy Darby

Sharks Class Teacher

(Years 3 & 4)

Thursday & Friday




Ms Tessa Braidwood

Dolphins Class Teacher

(Years 1 & 2)

and Deputy Safeguarding Lead




Mrs Joanna Rogers



Seahorses Class Teacher

(Year Reception)

and Early Years Lead




Mrs Julie Hallett

Senior Teaching Assistant



Mrs Lynne Reeves

Teaching Assistant




Mrs Cherie Tyler

Teaching Assistant

and Midday Supervisor




Mrs Karen Sanders


Teaching Assistant


 Mrs Sarah JefferiesTeaching Assistant



 Mrs Stefanie Hayes


School Secretary 

(Monday to Thursday)



 Mrs Annie Baddiley

 Finance Officer



Mrs Jane Heaton


Extended Schools Administrator (Thursday & Friday mornings)

and Midday Supervisor


 Mrs Colleen Montero

Pre-School Childcare Assistant 






Mrs Amy JohnsonPre-School Childcare Assistant 



 Mrs Caroline Hughes

Midday Supervisor


 Mrs Rae WilsonMidday Supervisor



 Ms Nicky Cripwell


Midday Supervisor




 Mrs Sarah CuffClerk to the Governers



 Ms Tracy MoorePE Teacher