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Meet the Staff

Come and meet the staff at our school




  Mrs Rachel Horne                                 


  and Safeguarding Lead 



  Mrs Philippa Austin

 Silver Birch Class Teacher

  (Year 3 & Year 4)

  Monday to Wednesday

  and SENCo



  Ms Rebecca Pearce 

  Silver Birch Class Teacher

  (Year 3 & Year 4)

  Thursday & Friday





  Mrs Melanie Beale 

  Beech Class Teacher

  (Year 1 & Year 2)




  Mrs Joanna Rogers


  Cherry Class Teacher


  and Foundation Base Lead


  Miss Lynne Reeves

  Teaching Assistant



  Mrs Cherie Tyler

  Teaching Assistant




  Miss Olivia Bennett


  Teaching Assistant



  Mrs Karen Sanders  Teaching Assistant



Mrs Caroline Green



Teaching Assistant 





  Miss Ellie Hayward  Preschool Assistant



  Mrs Caroline Jackson



  Preschool Assistant




  Mrs Kirsty Macswiney

  PE Teacher

  Wednesday & Friday



 Mrs Sue Thompson

 Woodland School Teacher 

 and Supply Teacher




  Ms Samantha Meredith


  School Secretary 




  Mrs Annie Baddiley

  Finance Officer

  (Tuesday & Thursday)



   Col (R'td) Nigel ffitch    Clerk to the Governers



  Mrs Buket Marsh



  Midday Supervisor