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Week 5

Our year 4 children have been given a new 'job' to write and edit the blog. Under our chief editor Jacob, the year 4's will work in a group to write up our week at school for you all to enjoy! 

This week in English we have been reading a book called ‘The Wind in the Willows’ by Kenneth Grahame with Mrs Austin.



Our latest work on it was using our writing tool box to write in detail about the Wild Wood.


With Miss Darby in our Reading Vipers we are reading The Boy Who Grew Dragons, by Andy Shepherd. We learn new vocabulary and answer questions about the chapters we read.

In maths we are learning our 4 times tables and greater than and less than, with Mrs Austin

With Miss Darby we are doing length, year 3 are learning about mm and cm and Year 4 are learning m and km. We did some challenging work on perimeter this week too.


Our Spanish has been a really popular through the whole year, in fact we have learnt how to ask ‘hello, what’s your name?’ in Spanish.


Our Topic ‘rivers’ has also been very popular, we have learnt a lot of new scientific words like confluence and source.


P.E. has been very fun doing tennis on a Wednesday, and cricket on a Friday. The heads, shoulders, knees and toes game has been very fun.

In science we have been learning about scientific method, which is how scientists put together experiments.


We have also been doing things for our harvest, we are learning some songs about harvest and we have sketched some fruit to say how thankful we are.


By Jacob, Paddy and George

Congratulations to William and Carly on their head teacher certificates this week!