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Week 12

Unbelievably this has been our final week of the Spring term. Where has the time gone? 


Our focus this week has been Easter and the Easter story. The children are now all familiar with this and beginning to understand why we celebrate with eggs. On Monday and  today we shared hot crossed buns at snack time talking about the importance of the cross as a Christian symbol. We also made chocolate nests which the children bought home, although they may not have shared them!


We finished sewing our dinosaurs and made Easter cards. The dinosaurs the children made look amazing and I need to say a big THANK YOU to Mrs Atkins who came in several times to help us.  I do hope the children are justly proud of their first piece of sewing. 


Yesterday in our PSED we talked about things we were good at and our own abilities. It was lovely to hear the children talk so confidently to the class about their achievements. From bike riding to swimming, singing and being caring, we have a lovely variety of talents in our midst.


On Wednesday we had a fire safety session and a visit from a fire engine. Rose from the Dorchester fire station came to talk to the children about fire safety. She talked about the tools fire officers use and how they use water to put out fires. She also spoke about their other roles helping people in floods, traffic accidents, rescuing animals and people who are trapped. They learnt about the protective clothing the fire team wear and why they have helmets. She then read a story called Francis the Firefly about the dangers of playing with matches. ‘Matches, lighters never touch, they can hurt you very much….’ Rose also talked to the children about smoke alarms and how to leaving a building safely in the event of a fire. They should shout ‘fire’, get out, stay out, call 999. They then had a go at stop drop and roll and at crawling under the smoke. She spoke about safety in the home and things that can be potentially harmful such as kettles, toasters etc. The highlight though was being able to sit in a real fire engine, learn about the equipment on board and be allowed to squirt the water hoses!


Our congratulations go to Mrs Taylor who is getting married over the holidays and will be returning to school as Mrs Hallett. 


It just remains for me to wish you all a very Happy Easter. Hopefully the sun will shine and we will all return refreshed for the summer term. Don't eat too much chocolate!