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Week 10

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On Monday we did our  DASP music concert. In the morning we went to the Thomas Hardys theatre to practice our songs with the other schools. After school we went to the theatre again to perform our songs with all the schools and all of our family and friends watched us. It was really fun!



Year 4 did reading buddies and year 3 did TTRockstars. In reading the teacher chose some of the year 4s to read to all of the reception and preschool children.

In topic we learned about reasons why you would live near a volcano and reasons why you would not want to.



On Wednesday we wrote a glossary for our writing about how a volcano erupts.And in PSHE we learned about how to be healthy.Then in PE we had football and badminton.It was really fun!



On Thursday some of year 4 did a rugby festival at Dorchester Rugby Club. 

We only won one match but it was really fun anyway. The rest of us did science, we used cups and string to make a telephone and then tested it and it worked really well.



On Friday we did quadrilaterals in maths.In PE we learned about a good sportsmanship and a sore losers, then we wrote about how to be a good sport and how to do good sportsmanship.In the afternoon we had a cake sale for red nose day some of us brought cakes into school and we bought some cakes for 50p each!

By Frances and Marnie :)