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This week in music we have been singing nursery rhymes, finding out which are our favorite ones and playing percussion instruments. We have also started learning the words and actions for our Harvest Festival song. Please do come to our celebration assembly on the 27th of September to see the children sing their song if you can.

We have spent time talking about ourselves and our families. Looking at our similarities and differences to one another in our class. We have also talked about the people in our lives that are special to us, such as family members or a friend.

In maths we have been learning the Seahorse class Big Number song and have made up actions to go with the numbers. We have been measuring one another and comparing who is the - biggest, bigger, tallest, taller, shortest, shorter, smaller and smallest. We have also been learning how to use Numicon and which colour pieces represent each number, the children are very good at this already!

The children have now completed their family tree pictures using their hands, arms and fingers to create the trunk, branches and leaves in paint. We will begin to put the children's family photographs on their trees next week. Please do send in your photographs or email them into the school office.