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Week 4

Week 4      24.9.21      


Welcome back to another week at Winterbourne Valley, we have been really busy preparing for the Harvest Festival, which is next Friday 1st October. 


On Monday with Mrs Austin, in maths we have been doing number lines from 0 to 1,000. In maths with Miss Darby we have been looking at mm, cm, m and km. 


In Literacy we have been preparing to rewrite the story of the lighthouse keeper. We made a story mountain to help us. 


In science on Friday we have been testing rocks to see if they are permeable or impermeable, we used sandstone, limestone and granite.. We put them in a cup of water and sandstone and limestone were permeable and granite was impermeable, we knew this because the permeable rocks gave lots of bubbles.      


In music with Mrs Horne we learned a new song called Pala Pata Zum and Feel the Rhythm and did some more about the beat/pulse. In art  we were painting our ‘seaside’ pictures on rocks.       


There have been so many birthdays this month. They were James B, Archie, Sofia, Fleur and Lillie. We had so much cake! 


Sofia and James. M