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Week 9

This week Blossom Class have been learning all about the festival Diwali. The children have enjoyed listening to the story of Rama and Sita and we transformed our tuff tray to encourage role play using the character props from the story as well as building blocks to help build a bridge to rescue Sita! Alongside the story of Rama and Sita we have been reading ‘Lighting a Lamp’. To help support out understand of this book we created our very own Diva Lamps from clay which we rolled, squished and pinch in order to create a pot shape. 
Blossom children have also been busy exploring playdough, which they used to design their own Rangoli patterns by placing different pasta and coloured stones into the playdough.
To end such a busy week the Blossom children were lucky enough to have a visit from the Life Education Van. During this the children joined in with naming different body parts and discussed what they do for our body. As well as this the children got to meet Harold the Happy Giraffe, who they helped take care of his personal care such as using a sponge to wash his face, tooth brushes to brush his teeth and a brush to brush his hair. They also shared with him what their favourite activities are whilst they are at Pre-School.