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Week 10 - Music

In music the children have been playing tuned and untuned instruments. They have also been learning some songs. This week the children chose instruments to accompany our song - A dragons very fierce, a dragons very tough and for each description create a sound to go with it. They had great fun singing and keeping a beat with their instruments. They also had turns at playing a glockenspiel and a xylophone.  They were very patient at waiting their turn, listening to others and creating loud and soft sounds. We also played some musical games. 


'I've learnt the names of lots of instruments'

'I love playing the xylophone because it's really musical.'

'I like playing the drum loudly with a beater!'

'I've learnt how to play lots of percussion instruments.'

'I like playing the glockenspiel because it makes a nice sound.'


In DT all of the children have started sewing their dragon and next week we hope to get the wings and eyes attached! We have some very good sewers in Dolphin Class. 


On Tuesday we had a visit from the Dorset Library Service about the summer reading challenge. If you can please do take part, it is free, you get lots of stickers, a certificate and a medal and it is a great way to keep up those reading skills over the summer break.