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This week the children have enjoyed listening to a story called 'Tiddler' by Julia Donaldson. The children were keen to use clay to create their own little 'Tiddler's' which they decorated using sequins.


During sand play the children were excited to hunt for the missing treasure coins. They have been counting them up and making comparisons to see who has found the most treasure.


We all worked together to create a seaside scene in the tuff tray where the children thought about what they would need - sand, shells, pebbles, boats and water. The children had a fantastic time exploring this!


Star fish class have been particularly keen to play and learn outdoors this week since the weather has been so nice. The children have enjoyed water play including using fishing nets to fish out sealife and matching them to foam numbers. We have been developing our physical skills (control and coordination) by riding on the bikes and trikes, balancing and walking on crates and using the large and small balls to catch and kick.